In 1983 Austwel Ltd was founded by Chris Davies. Now, Austwel is one of the leading civil engineering contractors in West Wales with a large employed workforce. Austwel was founded as a family business and through expansion and growth has maintained strong family and community values, along with a longstanding commitment to local blue chip engineering businesses. 

We’ve Come a Long Way

From its establishment, Austwel has demonstrated its pioneering spirit. Managing Director, Chris Davies, returned to the UK and founded Austwel in 1983 having emigrated to Australia in 1965. With strong civil engineering credentials, Austwel was established to complete contracting work with the growing oil refining industry in Pembrokeshire at the Esso and Gulf refineries.

The Growth of Energy

In the last decade, the Milford Haven Waterway has become the Energy Centre of the UK. Austwel Ltd has been closely involved with this development and has grown steadily to meet the demands of the local market requirements.

We have undertaken a wide variety of works in Waterston ranging from footpath repairs to a new field office valued at £1.2 million in 2007. During 2008, in addition to the Minor Civils Contract for CB&I at South Hook, we have undertaken the Civils Work for the new Cogen Plant at Murco Refinery and the MEL Cogen Civils work on the process area at Dragon LNG. 

Austwel Today

Today Austwel is one of the best known and highly respected civil contractors in West Wales. Working closely with several of the major energy sector corporations located in Pembrokeshire, and with our skilled, employed workforce, we have played a pivotal role in some of the major construction works, critical refinery shutdowns, and logistics & facility management programs