Maintenance Term Contracts

As a large local main contractor, Austwel has the facilities, resources and infrastructure to support long term contractual works. This can include external maintenance of the roads including snow clearing and winter gritting, grounds maintenance and summer grass cutting, as well as industrial cleaning and general maintenance. 

During the construction of the Pembroke Power Station the sites workforce peaked at 2000 people.

From April 2010 to October 2012 Austwel maintained the site facilities; including welfare and mess accommodation, car parks, roads, walkways and platforms around the site. 

We have maintained a term cleaning contract at Dragon LNG since 2009, hold a 5 year Enabling Contract at Pembroke Refinery started 2014 and serviced a 12 year Maintenance Crew Term Contract at Milford Haven Refinery, which only ended with it’s closure in January 2015.


Our recent building refurbishment work includes an apprentice training facility at Popton Fort.

Austwel has extensive experience of occupied building refurbishment, completing the program according to plan while keeping operations on-line. Additional projects include main control room refurbishments at SemLogistics, Dragon LNG, Pembroke Refinery and Milford Haven Refinery. 

We also offer management of office relocations requiring the movement of administration and technical staff between buildings and relocation of their files, documents, furniture and IT equipment. In addition to the logistics of moving and refurbishment we also complete full fitout including new partition walls and redecoration of offices, often undertaken out of normal office hours.

Site Restoration

Following building works, it is important to restore a site back to a safe and environmentally considerate location. Austwel can undertake site reinstatement after completion of major works including landscaping and fencing.